Suddenly Virtual

Joseph A. Allen, Karin M. Reed, Wiley

Suddenly Virtual

Supercharge your virtual meetings with evidence-based practices from an award-winning team

The shift to virtual meetings was sudden and often traumatic for businesses across all industries as they responded to the global pandemic. Rather than focusing on what worked best, they focused on what worked now . . . which meant closing up the office and being suddenly virtual in nearly every meeting, often without the tools, the training, or the expertise to optimize the new “kitchen table” office. Thankfully, businesses are beginning to be more purposeful in both the tools they use and the approach they take.

This book seeks to be a definitive guide for businesses looking to make their meetings as effective as possible in the ever-evolving “new normal”—leveraging insights from some of the foremost thought leaders in meeting science and on-camera communication.

This book will:

· Highlight new research insights springing from the rapid and exponential adoption of virtual meeting technology

· Discuss the problems, challenges, and pitfalls of meeting in this new modality

· Provide practical, actionable best practices, backed by meeting research that lead to more productive and effective virtual meetings

Perfect for executives, managers, and employees at companies in all industries and of all sizes, Suddenly Virtual provides practical and actionable best practices that lead to more productive and effective remote meetings.

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